Why Haven't You Watched #WadiwaWepaMoyo?

If you have beenon social media this past week you definitely heard talk about a certain Man Tawas, Biko, Noku and Tendai. Not random names being thrown about but these are characters from the trending College Central YouTube series Wadiwa Wepa Moyo.

Featuring the veteran talent of Ben Mahachi as BaNoku and singer Lee McHoney as MaNoku it is definitely a truly Zimbabwean love story based in the ghetto. With Everson K. Chieza as Tawanda/Man Tawas, Dillon Mafukidze as the trusty best friend Biko and Tadiwa Bopoto as the love interest Nokuthula you will be instantly hooked. New episodes every Wednesday at 10AM.
Synopsis: Two boys from the dusty streets of Harare, Tawanda and Biko have a dream of making it to play for Manchester United in the United Kingdom but everything changes when Tawanda falls in love with Nokuthula.

Stream all the episodes of Wadiwa Wepamoyo below

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