Why Haven't You Watched #PaGhetto? #LockDownZim

Disclaimer: Viewer discretion is advised, Rated 16 for LANGUAGE!

I first caught wind of this series through the viral Bob goes to Heaven episode (yes the Bob being referred to was the late former president RG Mugabe). Stumbled onto the series one night as I was browsing through YouTube for Zimbabwean series (which the day I also discovered Wadiwa WepaMoyo).

PaGhetto is the comical coming-of-age story following the lives of four teenage boys (Chaser, Jabu, Mike & Reason) as they navigate through relationships and life in the second republic of Zimbabwe.

You might also notice certain people portrayed (impressions) in these episodes including Twabam, Boss Yella among others. Now on the third season there's a lot of this series to go around. Is there a better animated series in Zim? I'll wait

Watch PaGhetto Season 1 below

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