Why Haven't You Watched #BetweenTheMovie? #LockDownZim

Deciding to share everything I'm watching this lockdown period brings me to this thought-provoking tear-jerker starring Stella Damasus. Thanks to Miss Anci's #KoffeeKonversations I got to know about this movie. Hopefully I won't drop any spoilers while I talk about how it made me feel.

Synopsis: 36-year-old Chelsea Hollis is very successful and has been married and divorced four times! She helps people fix their relationships but she has totally given up on love. A strong feminist who believes women should take control of their destinies and be 100% in control of their emotions and the choice of who to sleep with and when to do it.

She meets Scott Hamilton and a one-night stand blossoms into a romantic relationship until she finds out that the man who is about to change her perspective on love, may just be much more than what she expected.

So yeah that's what the movie is about so no spoilers here, okay? Instead I'll talk about how this movie made me feel.

"Life is too short, if you feel something, say something"

You know that cliché saying,"You miss 100% of the chances you don't take"? This lockdown is a timeout that I have had a chance to think about the missed opportunities I should have something or done something. After the lockdown that all changes because truly life is short. If you told last year that a global lockdown was going to happen I would have laughed you out of the room. Fast foward to the present and here we are...

Distractions are temporary

Chelsea drank! I mean like really drank. The drinking was a distraction to stop her from actually dealing with her issues. We all have things that we use to distract us from dealing with life. Some have drugs, some have sport, some channel it into their art. If there's one person you can't hide or distract yourself from forever it's yourself.

Worse still, if you're having problems in your relationship you need to solve them because dodging them is like putting a band-aid on a bullet hole.

Appreciate those around you

You know that person you rarely give attention but is always checking up on you regularly? Yes them. Looking out for someone other than yourself is an underappreciated act.I have had people check upon me this lockdown period and I have learnt to appreciate them, not view them as a nuisance. As crazy as it may sound we have evolved to being anti-social. Ant-what? Yes, stay with me. How many people today have you had a conversation with, not on your phone?

Life's too short man.


I talked about distractions before and how they stop us from dealing with what we have become. What have we become? Full of toxic negative energy. Some refer to it as demon, others call it the darkness. Too often we deal with the symptoms of things rather than get to the actual source of what's causing it. What caused your negative energy? What do you you know brings positive energy into your spirit? Do that. Hopefully during this lockdown you're not stuck with the source of your negative energy.

Stream Between below

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