#WinterABC Day 2: What?


While covering a wide spectrum of content this child I named SP3KKTRACULAR actually has a main goal. Without sounding like I'm preaching and being as less boring as I can possibly be about the topic let me break it down.
  1. The first part of the goal is to share my world. I do have another blog Support Zim Hip-Hop but like the title suggests its a niche blog and there is only so much of myself I can reveal/express there so SP3KKTRACULAR was born. 
  2. I also wanted to share my thoughts on a wide number of topics. So yeah my personal vent space.
  3. Contrary to popular opinion I do listen more music than just Hip-Hop, from around the world and here you will get to know about it.
  4. I watch a lot of stuff, from movies to TV shows and everything else in-between. A serial binger who watches anything and everything (with at least a 70% rating on the Tomatometer). 

That is short version of the main goal of this site. Now was that boring?

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