Why Haven't You Watched #WandaVision?

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 If you don't know me already I'm a Marvel fanboy, who also rewatched the Infinity Saga just before Phase 4 started. After a whole year (thanks to the boy COVID) without any MCU content you bet I was hyped about WandaVision. Yes there will be spoilers in here so if you haven't watched it yet do the right thing like Spike Lee and get yourself up to speed.

One thing I've always loved Marvel for was their attention to detail. WandaVision was no different. It starts however rather strangely as a black-and-white sitcom. The first episode I was like alright, let's see where this going. Midway through the second episode and it was still monochrome and sitcom-ish something was off, but I had to have patience.

I had questions. Lots of them. How is Vision alive? We saw mandem die TWICE in Infinity War and he didn't make an appearance after the reverse snap either. So how Sway? And what's with the sitcom setup? From the comic books I know that Wanda and Vision do share a married life together, in a certain existence. 

Imagine how pleased I was when Darcy showed up? Granted I've been a Kat Dennings fan since her 2 Broke Girls days but we'd last seen her eight years ago in Thor: The Dark World. Well here she's more than just the comic relief. Agent Jimmy Woo also made a significant appearance after 2018's Ant-Man & Wasp. Don't you just love Marvel?

The Marvel WTF moment was what they did with the character potrayed by Evan Peters. Introduced as Pietro, who we knew wasn't the dude we saw in Age of Ultron, dying, but Quiksilver from the X-Men movies. So this this was multiverse Pietro/Peter? This guy is later revealed to be Ralph, wait for it, Bohner. Seriously Marvel?

Remember Agatha Harkness' rabbit Senor Scratchy? Well a deleted scene would've revealed who he really was....

During a recent appearance on Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin’s Fatman Beyond podcast, WandaVision director Matt Shakman revealed that there was originally a scene in the WandaVision finale all about Señor Scratchy. According to Shakman, the scene in question featured Billy, Tommy, Monica, Darcy, and Ralph all sneaking into Agatha’s basement to steal the Darkhold.

The scene would have shown the group facing resistance from none other than Señor Scratchy, who was scripted to transform into a monstrous “demon.” Shakman says the sequence then followed the group on a “Goonies setpiece” as they all tried to escape Señor Scratchy’s wrath. According to Shakman, the scene would have revealed that Señor Scratchy was — essentially — Agatha’s familiar.

If you've watched MCU content you know by now that everything is linked so how does WandaVision link to everything else? For starters Wanda's use of the Darkhold will lead into the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (which comes out 2022). Initially Dr. Strange was set to appear in WandaVision then changes happened that changed WandaVision and the Dr. Strange sequel as they are closely linked. Little hint, those strange (no pun intended) commercials in the episodes are actually Dr. Strange attempting to penetrate the hex and reach out to Wanda. With Strange already being a bigger figure he would've stolen the spotlight on a show that wasn't supposed to be centered on him.

Monica Rambeau will return in The Marvels (which is the new name for the Captain Marvel sequel). 

As for the second season of WandaVision I guess we'll have to see The Multiverse of Madness first, especially what became of Billy and Tommy's cries for help as heard by Wanda at the end.

WandaVision answers some questions like how Wanda got her powers and how The Hex came to be but also creates new ones like the fate of reformatted White Vision. Only Marvel knows what the future holds, fanboy out!

Watch the WandaVision trailer below

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