Why Haven't You Watched #Lupin?

Full disclosure,  the name did not intrigue me. I had no idea the significance of the name Lupin. I know the French people will be cursing me out for this. Sherlock Holmes I know but Lupin, I. Did. Not. Safe to say that this took me 2 days to watch both parts/seasons, which I only started to watch after Part 2 came out, lucky me.

First things first. Netflix's cheat code seems to be non-American series. Out of the endless Netflix content 9 times out of 10 you're guaranteed that a series is good if it is non-American. I'm talking the likes of Dark (Germany), Elite (Spain), Money Heist (Spain) and The Platform (Spain). The verdict is still out for the South African series on there though...

To spoil or not to spoil, which is it? Directed by the same guy that directed Now You See Me you already where I'm going with this. On second thoughts no spoilers but you know that unnecessary sex scene that doesn't really do anything to move the story forward? None of that nonsense here. This is basically a PG-13 series (for the most part, language does get a bit coarse). 

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. Only thing I frowned upon were those those atrocious disguises. I love how this could've been more than 10 episodes (both parts) but they didn't add any filler content. The attention to detail to detail is pristine. You could swear that the younger versions of the characters are their real younger versions. 

Hold up. Can we talk about my man's kickgame though?

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