#WinterABC2021 Day 2: What Do We Have Here?

I pride myself in being an all-round creative, which can both be a blessing and a curse. Having been a creative since a young age I had to deal with both sides of the coins, which I shall explain below...

The Good

Well, the first great thing about being a creative is that ideas come by the truckload. I dare you to make me listen to a song a not immediately conceptualize the visual treatment for it. A detailed one at that too. 

Life isn't boring when you're a creative. The littlest thing can spark a whole concept. When you see just water a creative sees life and rhythm. It has been stated that creatives use a different side of their brain compared to everyone else (the right side). 

A creative's work is immortal. Michelangelo and Picasso are known for the work that they left behind, even though they've been deceased for centuries now. History remembers creatives. Another example is the greatest music artist of our time Michael Jackson. His 1982 album Thriller stands as the best-selling album of all time with sales of 66 Million. Timeless.

The Bad

Short attention spans plague me as a creative. The slightest disturbance will make me forget an idea and once it's gone it's gone. It's on to the next. Things also age really fast. That's why one album can have 3 different iterations of it but only one being released. Remember the fate of Detox?

Creatives are overthinkers. This is why most tend to self-medicate to sort out drown out the the "excess" thoughts. The speed at which they can create something beautiful is also the same speed at which they can destroy it. This is also why they are likely to overdose. Case in point Whitney Houston, JuiceWRLD et al.

Unfinished projects are another downside of being a creative. We have thousands of these, sometimes literally. 

If you were wondering why creatives are a certain way, hopefully this answered you

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