#reSPEKKThePlug: Xtra Wattage - The BLOC13 Leaders of the DOMANE Episode

On this special episode of #reSPEKKThePlug: Xtra Wattage SpekkTrumn breaks down who Suhn, Denimwoods and Obi Davids are and why their deal is important. Contained is an interview exerpt by the BLOC13 boss Edward Munyaradzi a.k.a King Tre Li

Episode Playlist:

YUNGSERUNO - Semi-Automatic (Feat. Lucasrap$, Suhn, Obi Davids & Denimwoods)

Suhn - On Top (Feat. Denimwoods)

Suhn - Margelias

Suhn - Twenties

Denimwoods - 5:00

Denimwoods - Green$ & Supreme$

Denimwoods - No Handouts (Feat. Obi Davids)

Obi Davids - BUM

Obi Davids - ChiRound (Feat. Nutty O)

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