#MatrixResurrections Is Here... Well, Sorta

 So the official trailer trailer for The Matrix Resurrections is out and I have a (more than) few thoughts about it. With a sequel coming in almost two decades later what do we know so far...

Neo spent his time as John Wick

The first thing I noticed, about Neil Patrick Harris (legen-wait-for-it-dary!) was Neo looking like John Wick. Had to double-check if I was watching the correct trailer. So all along Neo was John Wick huh? After dying (or so we thought) in The Matrix Revolutions Neo is very much alive and... isn't the slightest bit blind. Makes sense to pass his time as John Wick, the man can't seem to die. 

A closer look will reveal a scene where machines are connected to Neo, which seems to continue his fate of sacrificing himself to the machines...

Trinity is ALIVE!

Another person who we watched die in The Matrix Revolutions is Trinity and she seems to have a clean bill of health, with a slight case of amnesia. Is this actually Trinity though? Check the pic below

Morpheus pulls a Benjamin Button

Guess who else is alive? None other than your favourite colourful pill-dealing martial artist Morpheus. Unlike (old man) Neo Morpheus has aged backwards. 

Is there a new architect?

Jonathan Groff seems to be the new architect or is he the token asshat who's oblivious about what's really going on?

Dooooope cinematography

Tell me that doesn't look dope AF? What's a pic anyway when you can watch the whole trailer below? Did I mention that Priyanka Chopra Jonas is here as well, speculated to be playing a grownup version of Sati.

Christmas can't get here any sooner...

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