Love #Lockdown: The #CoronaVirus Edition

Yes, the Kanye West song is responsible for this post's title and currently being in the second week of the national lockdown. It got me thinking how this 21 day lockdown will affect love/relationships (assuming you're not gallivanting like we're not in the middle of a global pandemic.

Most people are currently staying with their significant others or are doing the quarantine bae thing. If you are this article is not for you. I want to talk to those in solitude (or a version of it), who have to be content with communication through their phones (smartphones or otherwise). Let's get into the conspiracy theories, shall we?

1. Self-Evaluation

This is time you get to deal with yourself. No distractions from other people. You realize how deep/shallow you really are. What do you want to do with your life? What have you done? What are you yet to do? Are you on the right path or were just living day-to-day hoping for the best? Who are you really?

If you ever thought interrogating someone is intense try interrogating yourself. Not an easy thing to do but trust me, you will feel better/different after.

2. Relationship Evaluation

Being under lockdown means that bae has to respond with the swiftness, right? Video chats and all that good stuff but what if they don't respond or they respond hours later? This lockdown can and will take the mask off your relationship. Maybe you were just another warm body.

3. What Next?

What habits/things are going to change after this lockdown period? What did you realize you don't need anymore in your life? Life's to short. This forced time-out has a way of clearing up our vision over people we thought we needed before but are just dead weight. So what's next?

I know I said I wasn't going to talk to the quarantinees (yes I'm making that a word) but I have something for them too.

1. Stranger Danger?

That body you like gets old quick. No wonder the cases of domestic violence are at an all-time high. Maybe you don't know your "roommate" like you thought you did. Or maybe work was the pleasant distraction. 21 days is a looong time to spend with someone you don't vibe with.

2. To Be Or Not To Be

Believe it or not there is life after this pandemic. So is your realtionship real or it was just a situationship?

So that's me and my random thoughts. If you have more to share please do share in the comments below.

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