#WinterABC Day 4: Becoming SP3KKTRACULAR

What does it take to become sp3kktracular (yes I spell it with a 3)? It's actually a long short list. Well, an article where I get to talk about myself. What could possibly go wrong? So how does one transform into sp3kktracular? 

Be A Descendant of Royalty

They even based Black Panther on my ancestors y'all. You may be wondering, my what? Yes I'm a descendant of the Rozvi empire, the last Shona dynasty, owners of the Moyondizvo totem of the Dhewa clan. Famous for using the cow-horn formation centuries before Shaka Zulu. Nicknamed The Destroyers/Pillagers they were a fierce people, which explains where I get my fierceness from. The Moyos are also known for being ladies' men. I'll just err leave that there....

Be Able To Have A High Threshold For Pain

You need to have life toss you around a bit. A dash of losing those you love(d) most, through death and (actual) social distancing. I have lost parents, grandparents (some before I was born), have my heart broken (more than once), lost friends and still lived to talk about it.

Sidenote, I like how as Zimbabweans we learn new phrases every year.  

Having a high threshold doesn't mean ignoring pain but accepting its existence, feeling it but not letting it break you. Depression is somewhere in there but like I said, still lived to talk about it.

Share More With Your Father Than His Name

No I'm not talking about my surname. Me and my dad share the same government name. We also share the same taste in music. I'm a proud second generation Hip-Hop head. I also share writing with him too. Let me rephrase that. My dad was a journalist and well I'm a... blogger. 

Be An Audiophile

Don't know what that means? Look it up. I love my sound in high definition and anything less is frowned upon (in my head at least). Being an audiophile means I love music and listening to it how it was intended to be listened to. Can I get an amen fellow audiophile?

This may also mean breaking out in dance at random intervals like a Bollywood movie.

Have A Big Heart
In this winter never let your heart go cold. I've done things for people and never expected anything back. Some may call it exploitation, I just call it helping out. Caring too much is a crime I've been said to be guilty of but I own it. I guess I'm an extremist, I love who I love a lot and vice versa.

That's the long short list so yeah.

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