#WinterABC Day 5: A Lesson In Never Losing Yourself

Disclaimer: Never was a fan of teaching or textbooks either. Having an "interesting" life does offer its perks. Feel not to call me sir, or anything of the sort. 

Today's lesson is about never losing yourself. Sounds pretty basic, right?

There's nothing as important as knowing who and what you are. While this may seem trivial ask yourself if you know who you are or if you are what society wants you to be. Are you living your truth or are you too scared to because your parents/family/society won't accept you? I've said this before and I'll say it again, being normal is BORING. No one ever got remembered for being normal. Do we remember Einstein's classmates? Do we remember who Newton's crush was? Do we even remember the guy that followed every rule in the book? No, no and NOOOOO!!!!! That's one thing about history assimilate and you will (not) be history. 

Don't get me started on regrets either. The what ifs of life. If you want to do something, just do it. Don't be the guy talking like, "*insert famous female here* was almost my wife". I'm not ashamed that I'm checking out every new music release, that's me. I love music. Those that know me well, know that I'd take expensive headphones over an expensive on any day. My connection with music runs deep and its got me seats at many tables and has helped me achieve some things other people can only dream off. 

Talk your talk! Too many times we want to be PC (politically correct) but why are other people's opinions more important than our own? That's when self-love comes into play. Do you love yourself enough? Back to my "interesting life". An alternative Earth version of me would be a college dropout junkie, probably homeless. In pleasing other people you end up losing yourself. Ending up playing a a supporting character in the series that is your life. 

Sometimes you just gotta flip the bird to the world and say i'm doing me. I'm not saying I have the greatest life (I'm still in Zim after all) but my life is better because no other voice drowns out my own. Take care of self, thank me later.

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