Does @KaeChaps Have Your #JUZI for #ValentinesDay2021?

Released a couple of days ago as a lockdown session Kae Chaps latest single Juzi has taken a life of its own and is now difficult to miss as it has become a trending topic on Zimbabwean social media. Juzi talks about picking up the pieces after a break-up, which can be viewed as the other side of Valentine’s Day, an international day symbolizing love.

Come and get your jersey the singer/rapper croons as he asks why the relationship was necessary in the first place if it wasn't meant to last. 

Juzi seems to be the breakthrough that Kae Chaps needed, especially after dropping the Vanga album a few months ago. 

Keeping an ex’s belongings instead of disposing them outright might be a sign that one is not fully over the break-up and thinks that there still room for reconciliation. In this case is the second time still the charm?

People spending more time on social media during this lockdown period seems to a bonus for artists as more light is being shed on their work. A recent recipient of this attention is Holy Ten

Those not familar with Kae Chaps work may think that he is a newcomer but he has been releasing music for a while now, with 2 EPs and an album under his belt. 

You can check out the videos for Mavanga and Makuhwa.

Att this rate we could be getting an official video for Juzi soon. Even if you’re living under a rock you can’t deny that this is a hit.

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