At What Age Does My Body Belong To Me: An Overview

Before I get into this book, some disclaimers are in order.This book by Zimbabwean author Amanda Tayte-Tait is for mature readers, not of a nervous disposition, as it is very triggering. If this was a TV show the rating would be TV-MA SNLV. This is a memoir covering everything from rape, same-gender sex, mental health, coming of age and everything else in-between.

Right, now that that is out of the way, if you haven’t read it yet please do as I won’t be liable for any spoilers you may read in this article.

When is a woman’s body her own? It seems to be never. First it belongs to her family and after she’s married, her husband. As a feminist the author dives into this throughout the book, in-between sharing her life-story as the character Mia.

I’ll say it again, this book is triggering. It was also necessary. The African culture enforces that one should not air their dirty laundry, especially when it comes to family, in public. So many things are kept hidden to save face for the family.

Mental health is still deemed a taboo subject in the African society but it is a real thing that needs to be addressed,not swept under the rug.

This is the first book in a series whose questions are answered by the next book in the series 24 And Reclaiming My Body.

That’s as much as I will say without unloading the whole book. You’ll have to get yourself a copy to find out who did what, to who, why and how.

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