Are You Not Cheating On Your Happiness? Did I Misread MisRed's Book?

Samantha Musa - Be Faithful To Your Happiness

From the marketing pieces I had seen of Samantha Musa's (popularly known as MisRed) book Be Faithful To Your Happiness is a book about overcoming cheating. I know what you're thinking, hmmm spicy... No! This is not one of those scandalous tell-all type of book. Nope.

I'd classify this as a motivational book about how you shouldn't leave your destiny to be handled by other people for you. MisRed does share some bits from her life so this is a semi-memoir of sorts. 

I enjoyed the book and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has been taking the back seat to what they want to do with their life. 

My only gripe with this book is, at 72 pages this is rather short. I would've expected at least for it to be double this size. This means that it will takes a fast reader 30 minutes to read this. I didn't dwell on that too much. One thing I will advise is to get the hard copy, for the notes sections after each chapter. 

Congratulations to MisRed for attaining the author title through this book. 

I don't want to give out (m)any spoilers but how faithful are you being faithful to your happiness?

Get The Book Here (International link)

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