Why Haven't You Watched #InvincibleFriday?

If you know me you will know that I grew up on comics and superheroes are my thing. It takes a lot for me to watch a series about superheroes though. It has to be special. I divided into Invincible after it got a mention on 2 Broke Twimbos (dope podcast, do check it out). This is a series created by Robert Kirkman (yes the Walking Dead guy) and it does have a mature audience rating for strong language and violence.

Not going to waste time describing what it's about, spoilers ahead so just watch the trailer and watch the show...

If you're reading this section of the article I'm assuming that you've watched season 1 of Invincible and wow what a show. Amazon Prime is bringing the heat. Another dope Amazon Prime show is The Boys, which I'll get to but man! Invincible. What a show! Great voice cast, gruesome but great animation. 

Omni Man, who would've thought... As far as the personification of savage goes, he is it! Staring down at everyone, literally, only to utter the now iconic word, PATHETIC!

Dude is responsible for 99.9% of the death happening here. Homeboy single-handedly obliterated the knock-off Justice League (titled Guardians of the Globe) here. In the immortal words of Kanye West, no one man should have all that power. 

Omni-Man (known as Earth's protector) has such a hard-on for destruction that when an alien race invaded Earth (unsuccessfully) he followed them through their portal just so he could raise his body count (no, not THAT body count) and when the alien race found a way to send him back to earth he thanked them by destroying their whole planet, literally! Insisting that Earth wasn't theirs to conquer. Wouldn't ever want to be on that guy's bad side. Crushing skulls like he's squeezing lemons. WTF dude?

Omni Man is basically a condescending, psychopathic Superman, but how do you stop such a menace? To make maters worse he beats the living daylights out of his own son and declares nonchalantly that he can make another son. Geez how that's for brutal savagery? As if that wasn't enough he calls his wife of 20 years a.. pet! 

Did I mention the part where he kills a whole train of people using his son's face?

The Immortal being killed, being brought back to life only to be killed again is synonymous with Vision dying twice in Infinity War, but more sadistic and brutal. Even Thanos has a higher EQ than Omni Man. 

Another baddie that only made an appearance to beat the sh*t out of the second iteration of the Guardians of the Globe but stole the show was Battle Beast. Some guardians they are, right? My dude showed up looking for a worthy battle, beat up everyone, got bored and left. Guess what infamous word he used, you guessed it, PATHETIC! If I didn't know better I'd say he was Omni Man from an alternate universe. Catch the beatdown below

This ain't your regular coming-of-age superhero story and I'm not talking about the star-studded voices behind the characters. Invincible got my attention and they maintained it. At 8 episodes it leaves you wanting more, which brings me to my next point.

The great news is, not only will we be getting a season 2 but a season 3 as well... Hopefully soon.

After you've watched season 1 this Honest trailer is totally worth it!

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