Why Haven't You Watched #TheBoys?


If you think Invincible is disturbing you might want to skip this live-action series based on the comic book series of the same name. Spoiler after spoiler coming next.

As brilliant as The Boys is it is also disturbing. C'mon you've got a grown man who drinks breast milk, an invisible perverted naked superhero, a racist anti-ageing superheroine and cunnilingus that ends with someone losing their melon, literally. In the first 5 minutes a whole human being is reduced to mince meat, which we get a front row view of. In case you were thinking of watching it with family...

Like Invincible we get a parody of well-known superheroes. We got parody Flash (A-Train), parody Superman (Homelander), parody Wonder Woman (Queen Maeve), parody Aquaman (The Deep) among others.  

If you're wondering about the name Mother's Milk it's because in the comics Marvin can't survive without drinking his mother's breast milk. You'd think he'd be the one doing the breast milk drinking in the series but nooo. I know, it's a mess.

In a world were superheroes are the celebrities (and also the villains) it'll take a couple of errrmmm... boys to save the world from them. Currently two seasons deep if you've got the stomach for it.

This is one of those shows that leave you disgusted at yourself for enjoying. It's not all shockvalue, there's some great character development and story-telling but still a disclaimer is necessary. 

Did I mention the exploding heads?

Watch the Season 1 trailer of The Boys below

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